Hedgerow House Relief Counselor – Part Time

JOB TITLE:  Part-time Relief Counselor

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Relevant experience and/or knowledge in the care of individuals afflicted with Chemical Dependency.  Prior experience in the field of Human Services preferred.  High School degree or equivalency required.  Those candidates, who are themselves recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, must demonstrate a minimum of at least three years continuous abstinence.  Must have a valid NYS Drivers License, a driving record acceptable to the TSA Automotive Vehicle Policy, and be willing and able to safely perform driving responsibilities as assigned.  Computer experience desirable.

PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Prior knowledge of and /or experience with the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step approach to recovery.  Must be familiar with the Disease Concept of addiction.  Must adhere to strict standards of professional ethics and honor the confidentiality rights of clients.

SCOPE:  Reports to the Program Director.  Directly responsible for assisting in resident care and house operations in a relief capacity. Directly responsible for coordinating house operations with on-call staff in the event of solitary coverage.


To coordinate house operations including (but not limited to):

  1. Acclimate residents to physical surrounding, program philosophy, and expectations.
  2. Facilitate community meetings as needed.
  3. Be available for crisis intervention.
  4. Function as a team member as needed in providing input toward the evaluating and planning of the general care and ongoing treatment of each resident.
  5. Serve as liaison function to in-house personnel and maintain positive working relations.
  6. Be available for transporting of clients on an as-needed basis.
  7. Maintain accurate and complete client records as prescribed.
  8. Ensure smooth running of house routine and provide structure for residents (i.e. checking chores, supervising meals, meditation, exercise times, monitoring medication, checking in residents after passes, conducting urine screens & breathalizing residents as needed)
  9. Perform certain aspects of maintenance of the house, which may include housekeeping, heavy lifting and other physical exertion as required.
  10. Other duties as assigned by Program Director.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Transitional Services Association is to assist individuals to attain their highest level of independence, self -sufficiency, and satisfaction with life. Through residential programs and care management services, we support, advocate, and challenge individuals to identify and attain their personal recovery goals. In collaboration with a broad network of community partners, TSA provides the highest quality services to children with emotional and behavioral challenges, and adults experiencing mental health and/or substance use disorders. Individuals receiving TSA services are encouraged to identify their strengths, skills, and abilities, and are provided with responsible, respectful, and effective care.