Kaydeross House Counselor I

JOB TITLE:  Counselor I

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  High School diploma and some work experience with emotionally disturbed/conduct disordered adolescents required.  Two years of college and experience in residential treatment preferred.  Must have a valid NYS Driver’s License, a driving record acceptable to the TSA Automotive Vehicle Policy, and be willing and able to safely perform driving responsibilities as assigned.  Computer experience desirable.

PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Ability to function as a team member.  Ability to make effective use of supervision.  Must be sensitive to the treatment needs of emotionally disturbed adolescents and dysfunctioning families.  Must subscribe to strict standards of professional ethics, and demonstrate ability to structure and nurture in compatible ways.

SCOPE:  Implement and manage the daily operations of the program.  Manage group behavior and individual counseling as assigned.  The Counselor I reports directly to the Program Director and is supervised jointly by the Program Director and Program Supervisor.


  1. Supervise all group home residents during work hours, including over-nights.
  2. Act as primary counselor and advocate to children as assigned.
  3. Primary responsibility for the design and implementation of service plans for individually assigned cases.
  4. Contribute to a safe and supportive therapeutic environment.
  5. Utilize techniques of therapeutic crisis intervention (Incl. physical restraint) as needed.
  6. Participate in any and all activities designed by staff as a team.
  7. Adhere to and implement all structural program expectations including house rules and daily routines.
  8. Perform certain aspects of maintenance of the house, which may include housekeeping, heavy lifting and other physical exertion as required.
  9. Function as positive role model for resident.
  10. Communicate effectively with clients, co-workers, and collateral agency personnel.
  11. Strive for personal and professional growth.
  12. Participate in all required staff meetings (minimum weekly).
  13. Documents any and all significant events and fulfill all general record keeping responsibilities (e.g., progress notes, incident reports, resident log and staff logs, UCR’s, etc.).
  14. Must transport clients.
  15. Over see medication.
  • Check medications files for compliance
  • Dispose of expired medications
  • Purpose medication forms
  • Call in prescriptions
  • Arrange for prescriptions pick up
  • Make sure medications are filled
  1. Arrange needed Dr. appointments.
  • Fill out needed appointment forms
  1. Weigh girls and complete weight log.
  2. Prepare menus.
  3. B.J. Shopping.
  4. Any other job related duties as assigned by Program Director and Program Supervisor.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Transitional Services Association is to assist individuals to attain their highest level of independence, self -sufficiency, and satisfaction with life. Through residential programs and care management services, we support, advocate, and challenge individuals to identify and attain their personal recovery goals. In collaboration with a broad network of community partners, TSA provides the highest quality services to children with emotional and behavioral challenges, and adults experiencing mental health and/or substance use disorders. Individuals receiving TSA services are encouraged to identify their strengths, skills, and abilities, and are provided with responsible, respectful, and effective care.