Edgewood House

Edgewood House is a 12-bed supervised community residence serving adults with mental illness. Individuals entering the program are frequently making the transition from institutional to community living. Our goal is twofold: to provide a structured, therapeutic environment that is safe and supportive for the residents and promotes change; and to teach the skills necessary to facilitate movement to a more independent setting. Residents work on goals that are based on strengths and are broken down into manageable steps. Since such goals are attainable, they encourage further attempts toward independence. Our approach promotes and supports residents’ growth toward more autonomy, higher functioning, and improved self-esteem.

Certification: Edgewood House is certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health and is operated by Transitional Services Association, Inc. of Saratoga Springs. TSA is a private, not-for-profit agency designed to provide a range of residential support services to children and adults who are in transition to less restrictive environments.

Location: Edgewood House is located at 112 Cramer Road in the rural town of Malta. A van is available on-site to provide residents with transportation and linkage with necessary support and recreational services in the community.

Services Provided

  • Food and shelter in a safe and healthy environment
  • Twenty-four hour supervision
  • Education and assistance with daily living skills
  • Goal oriented service planning directed toward more independent living
  • Training in money management
  • Service coordination with other agencies
  • Guidance with establishing and maintaining social relationships
  • Advocacy and support in meeting both physical and mental health needs
  • Crisis intervention
  • Guided practice in conflict resolution and stress management
  • Assistance in learning to use community resources
  • Structured recreational program

Staffing: Services at Edgewood House are provided by well trained and qualified staff who are capable of both teaching and modeling effective coping techniques. Counselors are highly sensitive, flexible and patient in the supervision of residents and set limits in a way that is clear, consistent, and supportive. Staff acts as individual resident counselors and advocates and have regular contact with various parts of the larger mental health system. Such communication enables us to consistently coordinate treatment plans for our residents with other service providers.

Admission Criteria: Prospective residents must be at least 18 years old and have a primary diagnosis of psychiatric illness. They should be in need of 24-hour supervision and must agree to adhere to individual service plans and the rules of the program. There is an expectation of motivation and potential to improve functional skills as well as movement toward more independent living.

Program Fee: The monthly fee for each resident is based on the current SSI rate for eligible people. Most residents pay this fee with income received from federal, state and/or local funding sources.

Referral Information: The Single Point of Access (SPOA) Universal Referral Form should be completed for access to this level of service in Saratoga County. Please see SPOA contact information.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Transitional Services Association is to assist individuals to attain their highest level of independence, self -sufficiency, and satisfaction with life. Through residential programs and care management services, we support, advocate, and challenge individuals to identify and attain their personal recovery goals. In collaboration with a broad network of community partners, TSA provides the highest quality services to children with emotional and behavioral challenges, and adults experiencing mental health and/or substance use disorders. Individuals receiving TSA services are encouraged to identify their strengths, skills, and abilities, and are provided with responsible, respectful, and effective care.