MICA Program

The MICA (Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers) Program is an outpatient service provided by Transitional Services Association, Inc., intended to enhance the substance abuse and mental health treatment services offered in Saratoga County. The program’s goal is to assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive service package and to promote an integrated systems approach to treatment. Staff work closely with other service providers from both the mental health and substance abuse communities in order to provide seamless services to dually diagnosed clients. The program also acts as a resource to increase community awareness and education regarding the specific needs of the target population by providing in-service training.

Staffing: Services are provided by dedicated, well-trained staff who are sensitive to the needs of individuals suffering from both mental illness and chemical dependency. Counselors work towards assisting clients in identifying skills and supports that will be necessary for him or her to succeed alcohol and drug free in their environment of choice.

Program Components: Staff assist clients with relapse prevention counseling, enhancement of coping skills with regard to both substance abuse and mental health symptoms, such as how do co-existing illnesses exacerbate each other and the importance of compliance with prescribed medications. Staff also provide linkage, monitoring and advocacy for needed services.

Methodology: Methodology includes individual counseling, group counseling, and assistance in accessing community resources such as inpatient alcohol rehabilitation, outpatient mental health and substance abuse services, financial, educational, vocational, social, medical and self-help supports.

Referral Information: Clients who have mental health and substance abuse/dependence diagnoses who are at least 18 years of age and are either in the process of applying to or residing in Transitional Services housing may be referred to the MICA program. There is no fee charged to recipients of MICA services. There is an expectation of motivation and commitment to the recovery process.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of Transitional Services Association, Inc. to provide, or arrange for the provision of, the highest quality clinically and medically appropriate services in a safe, supportive, and least restrictive therapeutic environment to children and adults. Through the provision of residential treatment services and case management services, its goal is to facilitate the acquisition of skills necessary to enable each individual to attain, or return to, the highest level of functioning possible, while striving for the highest level of independence, self-sufficiency, and adaptive functioning. Target populations consist of children who have emotional and behavioral disorders, adults who have serious and persistent mental illnesses and/or adults who are in recovery from chemical dependency.