Supported Housing

Sponsored by TSA, Inc.,  Supported Housing is a scattered site apartment program designed to provide support services to 45 men, women and families who evidence varying degrees of psychiatric disabilities. The program currently operates single and/or dual occupancy apartments in the Saratoga County area.

Supported Housing provides counseling, financial assistance, and instruction to enhance each resident’s skill level in the area of adaptive daily living as well as personal and interpersonal functioning. Staff contact is scheduled dependent on the needs of the individual anywhere from once a month to once a week or on an as-needed basis. The goal of this program is to assist each resident with living independently in the community.

Core Services: Supported Housing provides the following services to residents of the program:

  • Financial Services – Supported Housing assists each resident with paying a portion of the rent by providing each resident with a rent stipend depending on the resident’s net income.
  • On-Site Visitation – Each resident is visited by a staff member at his/her apartment. The number of visits is based on individual need and program level.
  • 24-Hour On-Call Service – A staff member is available by beeper at all times to assist residents in emergency situations.
  • Furnished Apartments – Completely equipped with furnishings and appliances, each apartment is clean, tidy, and safe. Utility services are paid by Supported Housing.
  • Individualized Support Plans – We use a goal-oriented approach to problem resolution in assisting each resident to develop specific goals for himself/herself and to achieve them.
  • Service Coordination – Supported Housing complements its program services by linking each resident to appropriate community and social services. This ensures maximum access to community resources.
  • Social/Recreational Activities – Activities are planned regularly throughout the week. Residents are encouraged to attend community and program specific events. Membership to the local fitness center is provided.

Program Residents: Supported Housing is designed to serve adults and families with a history of mental illness. Residents may be graduates of community residence programs, graduates of the Progressive Steps Apartment Program, persons being discharged from psychiatric centers, or individuals living in the community who have had repeated difficulties with living independently and require support and assistance.

Supported Housing has four family beds available to single parents meeting Supported Housing admission criteria. Supported Housing also operates eight beds targeted for the specific needs of Intensive Case Management (ICM) clients. These ICM apartments provide support and assistance to residents who would otherwise be considered homeless. Each resident is expected to be active in some form of treatment.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Transitional Services Association is to assist individuals to attain their highest level of independence, self -sufficiency, and satisfaction with life. Through residential programs and care management services, we support, advocate, and challenge individuals to identify and attain their personal recovery goals. In collaboration with a broad network of community partners, TSA provides the highest quality services to children with emotional and behavioral challenges, and adults experiencing mental health and/or substance use disorders. Individuals receiving TSA services are encouraged to identify their strengths, skills, and abilities, and are provided with responsible, respectful, and effective care.